Dysten designs, manufactures, supplies and installs devices for Intelligent Transport Systems, necessary in modern smar tcity – dynamic passenger information displays in all available technologies. We manufacture LED parking displays, SOS / Text-to-speech panels, VMS variable message signs, info kiosks, LED vehicle direction boards (destinations displays), and provide specialized solutions tailored to customer needs as a result of technical dialogue. For over 20 years, we have been manufacturing devices displaying information in various technologies for clients around the world. Each of our products is made in accordance with ISO9001. Various countries, cities, have different needs, device sizes, displayed content. Dysten customises all features according to the expectations of partners and customers.



Dysten manufactures passenger information displays in all available technologies: LED, LCD, E-paper. Thanks to dynamic information, passengers know when their bus or tram will really leave, when the next one arrives, and also receive additional information and warnings. The information displayed relates to the actual departure time based on the location of the specific vehicle. The stop can be monitored thanks to the built-in camera, and at night the system will limit the display’s luminance. The key advantage – apart from quality and durability, is the openness of Dysten system displays. Thanks to open protocols, they are ready for integration with any system in the world and any language. LED displays have very high brightness (e.g. 4000 nit), lifetime 15 years and are quite economical in power consumption. LCD devices guarantee greater precision of content display with lower durability and luminance. Systems based on e-paper can be unrivaled in energy consumption (they do not require power grid connection – use solar panels) and have good readability even in full sun, but their colors are limited to black, white and gray. Differences between technologies cause many consequences, so it’s worth talking about assumptions before the quote.

Provide passengers with comprehensive information on current arrivals, departures and connecting options at stations and public transport stops.
Besides basic information like:

  • the line number
  • direction of travel
  • time of arrival and departure
  • clock with real time
  • the display will also show up-to-date information on situation in routes, current detours and anticipated delays
  • the media can also be used for commercial purposes, emitting adverts or information on events

In line with your needs DYSTEN can integrate the device with the passenger information [display] system (PIS or PIDS) or the GPS module in the vehicle which allows for regular updates of arrival and departure times, and the vehicle’s position on the road. Our passenger information displays meet the highest technical standards.

Bus station displays features:

  • 8 hours work without power
  • the ability to watching a bus stop thanks to a mounted camera in the passenger information displays
  • TTS system (Text To Speech) installed in our devices allows visually impaired persons to use public transportation easily
  • SOS button – two-way communication panel allows immediately communication with assistance passenger center
  • sun stop and anti reflective reflex glass
  • opening the housing sensor
  • resistance to weather conditions
  • additional protection against vandalism
  • works 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days in year
Image, colour and size regarding requestor’s needs, we help with a design as well.