DYSTEN is a European manufacturer of display devices which are installed by our partners all over the world. Our team has completed hundreds of difficult international projects which have enabled us developing numerous innovations and significantly improve the quality, durability and reliability of our devices. The oldest ones have been already operated for 20 years.

Experience and technologies

Due to our 20-year experience we have mastered all available technologies: AMBER LED, RGB LED, LCD, TFT, e-paper. . Each of them offers slightly different advantages, therefore we carefully select solutions to best suit the needs of our clients in terms of lifespan, energy consumption, ambient conditions, architectural requirements and other assumptions.


Adjustment to the needs of clients

DYSTEN is growing dynamically because our clients are satisfied and our devices are reliable. Everything we do is meticulously tailored to the requirements of our clients. We work out the assumptions together during a technical dialogue. We use the ISO 9001 standard for the design and manufacture of our devices.

The future is smart

We combine various features of devices in new solutions as long as this provides additional benefit for our clients. Dynamic passenger information can be completed with weather information, video surveillance etc. Smart city needs modern devices that are ready for new challenges and interactions of residents and tourists. We can devise and manufacture them.

Awards for innovation

Innovations and product development make DYSTEN a well-known company. We won numerous awards:

  • Best Smart City & Railway Information Displays Manufacturer – Europe 2019 (Corporate Vision Magazine),
  • Smart City Poland Award 2019,
  • Global Light Rail Awards – Best Customer Initiative, London 2018,
  • Best Railway Passenger Information Displays Manufacturer in Europe 2018,
  • Global Light Rail Awards – Technical Innovation of the Year, London 2018,
  • Good Design, Finalist of the Competition, Instytut Wzornictwa Przemysłowego,
Best SmartCity & Railway Award
Good design award 2018
Global light rail awards - Technical innovation of the year
Global light rail awards - Best customer initiative
Best Railway Passenger Information Displays Manufacturer in Europe 2018
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The most popular types of devices

LED amber passenger information display

LED amber passenger information displays

The applied LED tech

E-papier - pylon z dachem solarnym

E-paper timetable & E-paper dynamic passenger information totems

Timetable in E-paper

Variable message signs in Gliwice manufactured by Dysten company. VMS ZZT Dysten - nowoczesne Znaki Zmiennej Treści, modern LED RGB Variable Message Signs, VMS panels. Variable message signs. Variable message signs manufacturers. Led variable message signs. Variable message signs for tunnels. Vms road signs. Variable message signs vms mobile. Vms city mobile variable message signs.

Variable Message Signs – VMS

LED <a href="https:/

LED Parking Displays

Smartcity LED parking displays

LED Parking Informat

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Information Totems & Info-kiosks

Info kiosk and infor


Dynamic passenger information boards


Dynamic passenger information system boards,

Zielona Góra

65 dynamic passenger information displays with a public address system


Dynamic passenger information boards


Dynamic passenger information boards


Dynamic passenger information boards


Dynamic passenger information boards


Dynamic passenger information boards


Dynamic passenger information boards


120 dynamic passenger information boards


Dynamic passenger information LED boards

Upper Silesian Industrial Region

Providing dynamic passenger information for 460 stops

The MGZ Metropolis

LED parking displays, control system and software

Szczyrk Mountain Resort

Parking displays


VMS displays


System of video screens

Lublin International Trade Fair

System of multimedia screens with the control system and software


Datawall, video wall

Institute for Financial Research and Analyses

Mobile outdoor AV system with a large-format screen

Chancellery of the President

Specialised displays for stock exchange information

Warsaw Stock Exchange

System for stock exchange information presentation


Multimedia screens

Teatr Stu, Teatr Ludowy, Kraków

Passenger information displays

Fulda, Niemcy

Passenger information displays

Fulda, Germany

Passenger information displays

Bocholt, Niemcy

Passenger information displays

Hanover, Niemcy

Passenger information displays

Zirndorf, Niemcy

Passenger information displays and a public address system

Ludwigsburg, Niemcy

Passenger information displays and a public address system

Nuremberg, Niemcy

Dynamic passenger information boards


Displays and passenger information system

Silesian Tramways

Dynamic passenger information displays and a public address system

Warsaw Tramways