3-in-1 PIDS Board | Passenger information at the Transfer Center

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3-in-1 PIDS Board | Passenger information at the Transfer Center

The 3-in-1 LED/TFT LCD information board is a device used to present the nearest incoming and departing connections from a given location. The display was designed to provide comprehensive passenger information in integrated transfer centers offering various forms of public transport.

Three display modes enable the presentation of public, long-distance, and railway timetables. It is recommended to install the board in places important for the movement of passengers, e.g., on platforms, in passageways, waiting rooms, or ticket halls.



The device consists of three separate bodies: two equipped with Amber/RGB LED matrices with a pitch of 4mm and a resolution of 192 x 192 px, and a TFT LCD monitor with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 mounted in a vertical arrangement. The technologies used ensure the readability and clarity of displayed information both during the day and at night.

The housing made of stainless steel, in accordance with the protection class IP 54, provides a high level of protection against adverse weather conditions such as precipitation, dust, and external pollution. Resistance to acts of vandalism has been confirmed with the IK09 degree of protection in accordance with the PN-EN 50102:2001 standard.

The display is designed in such a way as to enable continuous operation without interruption.

Additional information

Additional information



Housing material

Powder-coated stainless steel

Housing size

2900 mm x 1790 mm x 220 mm, can be adapted to the needs of the customer

Minimum tightness class

IP 54

Mechanical protection degree

IK 09

Work Mode

24/7, 365 days/year

Power supply

230 V 50 Hz – three independent circuits for each module

Average power consumption

500 W (normal operation)

Working temperature

from -30°C to +50°C

Matrix protection

Safe glass, with an anti-reflective coating

Screen diagonal

LCD 46 inches, vertical LED Amber/RGB 4mm 192×192 px

Maximum brightness

LCD 2500 cd/m², LED 5000cd/m²


LCD 1920×1080; LED 192×192

Matrix viewing angles

LCD min. 178° LED min. 120° horizontally and vertically


More than 80,000 hours (with no more than 50% brightness loss)

Built-in sensors

Temperature, humidity, door opening, glass breakage, shock, lighting

Produkt in use

Produkt in use

The board of the 3in1 passenger information system was used in the implementation of the Transfer Center in Gliwice. We invite you to browse the portfolio: