E-paper timetable & E-paper dynamic passenger information totems

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E-paper timetable & E-paper dynamic passenger information totems

Timetable in E-paper technology displays a sharp, readable images and content that does not flicker, easy to read at wide angles and the content is clearly visible even in full sun. Electronic paper is energy-saving master: power is mainly consumed when updating the timetable and can come from e.g. a solar panel. This is a good solution wherever the power grid is not easily accessible. On e-paper, you can display everything except video. The technology is limited by colour – image consists of black, white and gray. The housing can be made of steel, aluminum or special non-flammable material with high vandal resistance. The device works 24 hours a day, 360 days a year. The update of passenger information is carried out via a 3G network and is centrally managed. The update can also take place automatically at the times set by the operator. E-paper passenger information can be used in a small and light device in a distant town as well as in a large information totem with many screens and phone chargers in the center of the metropolis. In each of these categories, Dysten was awarded as an innovative producer – Best Customer Initiative (Global Light Rail Awards, London), Technical Innovation of the Year (Global Light Rail Awards, London), SmartCity Poland Award.

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Advantages of e-paper solutions:
  • Energy saving
  • Completely different technology than LCD gives a stable sharp image similar to that printed on paper like reading a book
  • No flicker – it doesn’t strain your eyes
  • It doesn’t need power except when the content is changed
  • Energy can come from a solar or regular electricity grid
  • The basic device is light, flat, easy to mount on a pole, lantern, shelter, wall
  • Quick integration
  • Open protocols
  • Expanded, autonomous totems with many screens and facilities for passengers are possible
  • Options – devices with multiple screens and buttons (up to 3 buttons), SOS, Text to speech
  • Various sizes and device specifications
  • Remote management system through cloud
  • Backlight embedded
  • Good readability
  • No expensive connections (power grid) required

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