Śląskie miasta przyjazne kierowcom - wyświetlacze parkingowe w Gliwicach


Śląskie miasta przyjazne kierowcom - wyświetlacze parkingowe w Gliwicach

The cities of the Silesian Voivodeship are at the top of the Ranking of Driver-Friendly Cities in the category of small towns with up to 300,000 inhabitants. This means that motorists in these towns can enjoy better driving conditions, and local authorities are also taking steps to in terms of new road investments.

Ranking of Driver-Friendly Cities

The report covers various aspects, such as the speed of movement, the number of collisions, the availability of parking spaces, driving costs, and the promotion of eco-driving.

According to this year’s edition, the first place in the category of cities up to 300,000 inhabitants was taken by Sosnowiec. The city provides a free parking zone, attractive fuel prices, and the flow of traffic, which is clearly above average. The introduction of an extensive system of EV charging stations in 2022 gave this city a competitive edge.

Częstochowa took the second place. Among the many benefits for drivers, attractive third-party liability insurance rates and favorable parking conditions stand out. The city not only offers competitive prices but also various subscriptions and flexible hours of operation of paid parking zones. Additionally, Częstochowa provides access to 4 free Park & Go car parks, which can be found in the city area.

Gliwice ranked third, providing drivers with favorable fuel prices and smooth traffic. In terms of average speeds, the city ranks first among cities with up to 300,000 inhabitants, which indicates the high flow of traffic. The parking aspect is also good – the city offers relatively low fees and attractive subscriptions. The residents of Gliwice can enjoy the lowest fuel prices in the entire ranking as well as affordable insurance prices, which makes the city friendly to drivers’ wallets.

Ranking of Driver-Friendly Cities - VMS in Gliwice

Intelligent Traffic Control System in Gliwice

The efficient flow of vehicles in Gliwice is supported by the implemented intelligent traffic control system. DYSTEN has provided the city with electronic parking boards (informing about the number of free parking spaces) and variable message signs (VMS) displaying the latest traffic updates. Aditionally, Gliwice has implemented Poland’s first emergency vehicle priority system, allowing emergency services to reach the scene of an accident more quickly, while also giving city buses priority at intersections.

Smoother traffic

Gliwice experiences heavy road traffic due to its large economic zone with many industrial plants and educational institutions. To improve the transportation system, VMS devices have been installed at strategic locations in the city. These screens provide real-time information about any traffic issues, such as obstacles, traffic jams, and detours. They can also suggest the most efficient travel time and routes.

Additionally, the VMS can display road signs in a full range of colors, which is useful during changes in traffic organization. The devices can be integrated with monitoring systems, radar speed measurement systems, and weather stations to automatically display relevant data.


Benefits of Variable Message Signs

Improving road safety – VMSs enable the dynamic display of warnings and information, which can increase drivers’ awareness and improve road safety.

Reducing traffic congestion – With the ability to update traffic and detour information in real time, VMS can help drivers avoid traffic jams and delays, resulting in smoother traffic flow in the city.

Travel time optimization – The information on the VMS allows drivers to adjust their travel route, which can reduce the time it takes to reach their destination.

Znaki Zmiennej Treści VMS - miasta przyjazne kierowcom

Support during accidents – VMS can provide information on accidents, breakdowns, or changes in traffic organization, which helps emergency management services to respond faster to road accidents.

Reduction of traffic noise – By improving traffic flow and providing drivers with better information, VMS can reduce city noise and enhance residents’ quality of life.

Parking solutions

Increasing traffic in the city center and the search for parking spaces have always been a challenge. That is why the city authorities decided to introduce a municipal parking system with electronic LED displays informing about the current availability of parking spaces.

Parking signs, provided by DYSTEN, were installed in points with increased city traffic. They provide clear information without disrupting the architecture of the city. The devices allow drivers to find a free parking space quickly and efficiently, which in turn helps to reduce traffic congestion and improves overall traffic. The system uses magnetic sensors placed under the parking spaces in the roadway to gather information. When launched, it was the first solution of its kind in the country to work on public roads.

Wyświetlacze parkingowe w Gliwicach - miasta przyjazne kierowcom

Benefits of Parking Display Installation

Reducing congestion – By directing drivers right to the available parking spaces, these signs can help reduce parking search traffic.

Time-saving – Parking displays allow you to monitor the availability of parking spaces in real time, which helps drivers find a free space faster.

Reducing emissions – Reducing the time it takes to find a parking lot helps in reducing traffic and emissions, which contributes to improved air quality.

Ranking of Driver-Friendly Cities in Poland

Efficient use of parking spaces – Monitoring the availability of parking spaces helps in the optimal use of parking spaces, which is beneficial for managing the flow of vehicles in the city.

Increasing accessibility for people with disabilities – Parking spaces for people with disabilities can be clearly marked on signs, which helps to ensure greater accessibility for travelers.

If you are a representative of a city or an organization that wants to improve traffic management, do not hesitate to contact us. We are open to cooperation and ready to provide solutions tailored to the individual needs of your project.

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