Destination displays

Destination displays

DYSTEN as a manufacturer of display panels is able to give them any shape and size, adapting them to the needs of your vehicle. These devices improve the quality of public transport and increase passengers’ comfort.

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Electronic Destination Display Boards for Bus & Tram

Give passengers peace of mind by displaying reliable information. Display the bus / tram line number, the current route or other messages that will give passengers precise and clear information. With the help of the rout visualization boards mounted inside, vehicles inform passenger of the stop to come. Content changes rapidly, informing passengers of detours, traffic and anticipated delays. The screen can also display news from the region, partners announcements or commercials. The on-board computer controls the passenger information system, toll collection system and sends the positioning data of the vehicle. The Audio Voice Announcement System enhances the destination display boards to announce the bus/train line and destination outside the bus to boarding passengers.


Destination Display Boards:

  • LED Bus / Tram display boards– displays for the front, side or rear of the bus or tram
  • LCD or TFT displays of visualization of the route– installed inside buses, trains, metros and trams displays that provide real-time information on location, next stop information, public service announcements and advertising
  • other LED destination display boards
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