Smartcity LED parking displays

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Smartcity LED parking displays

LED Parking Information Boards show motorists car parks with free parking places. They indirectly reduce vehicular traffic in smart city and reduce air pollution, provide information on the actual number of free parking spaces e.g. in the city center, side alleys, shopping malls, museums, office buildings or multi-storey car parks. Stanford’s research indicates that this is one of the most important conveniences in the center of the agglomeration, because most of us do not want to settle important matters and move by bus or tram. Dysten manufactures LED parking displays and LED electronic signs in many configurations.

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The TDIP-Tx Dysten Dynamic Parking Information board displays:
  • Name / location of the car park
  • The number of free parking spaces, including those for the disabled
  • Driving direction

Installation of an electronic parking information board:

  • On existing constructions, e.g. street lamp, information sign
  • Above the road
  • On the pole supplied with the device
  • On a different supporting structure adapted to urban architecture

DYSTEN is a manufacturer of dynamic LED parking information boards. We are able to design and make a parking displays in any shape, color, provide information about the occupancy of parking spaces according to the needs of the client or partner


Advantages of LED parking displays:
  • Excellent visibility both day and night
  • Work in all atmospheric conditions in various temperatures, in rain, snow and heat
  • Additional protection against vandalism, due to external installation in busy places, e.g. city centers
  • Energy efficiency, low power consumption
  • Easy cleaning housing
  • The device complies with European standards and guidelines
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