Wyświetlacze informacji pasażerskiej  Dysten we Francji

For now, these are Dysten’s first steps into the French market. The company has supplied passenger information displays to bus stations in three locations – Le Mans, Poitiers and Nevers. The devices were manufactured for BusInfo, a French leader in urban transport support.

BusInfo designs, develops and delivers innovative software solutions that support mobility and the management of public transport networks. The software developed by the company is much more than visual and audio information in vehicles, timetables at stops and access via smartphones. It is a comprehensive network monitoring tool, providing public transport providers with the capability to fully control and monitor their infrastructure.

Le Mans and Poitiers with Dysten passenger information displays

Travellers can use the facilities to easily and quickly check current timetables. The previous TFT LCD displays installed at Le Mans station have been replaced with RGB LED devices. The replacement project is part of the refurbishment of the entire station, and the new displays greatly increase the attractiveness of the station – making it easier for passengers to find their way around and reducing transfer times.

Wyświetlacze informacji pasażerskiej Dysten we Francji

Le Mans station is a major interchange facility serving a large number of travellers at 16 bus stands and a train station. Passenger information displays with timetables are a major convenience. A built-in light sensor adapts the brightness of the device to the lighting conditions in the station. Passengers can easily read all the information, even in bright sunlight, which used to be a problem with previous TFT LCD displays.

The displays provide high-quality image and full flexibility in the choice of colours and presentation of graphics and logos. All presented content is highly visible even at different viewing angles. The appropriate tilt of the displays ensures good readability and comfortable use.

The use of special outdoor panels made it possible to reduce the size of the displays, while at the same time ensuring high protection without the need for protective glass. The good adaptation of the boards to the existing infrastructure contributed to a fast and efficient installation.

Wyświetlacze informacji pasażerskiej Dysten we Francji

The devices provided by Dysten also serve travellers at the bus station in Poitiers. The roofed facility is located at the heart of a multimodal interchange. It constitutes a central point connecting urban, regional and international transport services. Sixteen passenger information displays have been installed there. The station has a dozen or so bus stands, a recreational room for drivers and a waiting area for travellers. Its convenient location, well-developed infrastructure and variety of connections make it an important hub in the city’s transport network.

Replacing Displays at Nevers Bus Station

Dysten produced 12 dynamic passenger information devices for the Bus Station in Nevers. This is the latest project carried out in cooperation with Businfo company. It involved providing 2 collective boards and 10 small passenger information boards. All displays were made with RGB LED technology.

One of the key distinguishing features of the devices is their exceptionally high display quality. With a 2.5 mm raster, their resolution is comparable to TFT screens. Consequently, passengers can enjoy easy-to-read, clear, and engaging content. This is undoubtedly a new quality in the information board market, and a significant step to improve the traveling experience.

The devices in Nevers are equipped with a dynamic passenger information system based on BusInfo software. The displays can present current timetables, important announcements, or special information for passengers. Having this information readily available throughout the trip, travelers can now enjoy a smooth and comfortable journey.

The challenge encountered during the implementation of the project was to match the devices to the poles located at the station. The displays were designed to provide a seamless installation and a perfect fit for the existing infrastructure. This contributed to minimizing costs and streamlining the process of device replacement.

Completed Tasks

The cooperation included the manufacture and delivery of customised equipment:

For the Le Mans bus station:

  • 14 RGB LED platform displays
  • 2 collective RGB LED passenger information boards

For the bus station in Poitiers:

  • 16 single-sided RGB LED dynamic passenger information system displays

For the bus station in Nevers:

  • 2 collective passenger information boards with LED RGB 2.5 mm raster
  • 10 station displays with LED RGB 2.5 mm raster

Higher Quality of Service at Bus Stations

Passenger information displays acquire data directly from the GPS systems of buses, providing highly accurate information on their arrival times. Passengers can follow the timetable in real time based on the data provided by the devices. As a result, they can easily plan their journey, avoiding unnecessary waiting and delays. The project has improved the quality of service at bus stations, providing passengers with easy and convenient access to information about timetables, bus routes, delays and other important information. The applied solutions improve travel comfort and contribute to an increased interest in public transport.

Wyświetlacze informacji pasażerskiej Dysten

International Cooperation

“Businfo company is fully satisfied with all the work carried out by Dysten. It has been a pleasure working with such a formidable team, always present and always engaged in the project, which is essential for this type of product. The quality of products and services delivered by Dysten is truly impeccable. So far, we have installed 16 displays in Le Mans, then 16 in Poitiers, and this is only the beginning as we will continue to equip other stations in the weeks to come. We were happy to host Maciej Lebioda and Szymon Lanc, who were kind enough to visit us, as a part of our future partnership. This is the start of a great collaboration. We look forward to installing displays for our new customers in the future.”

Nathalie Ghertman, Assistance Direction, BusInfo

At Dysten, we are excited about our collaboration with French partner BusInfo, which has resulted in the delivery of equipment for a dynamic passenger information system for the bus stations in Le Mans and Poitiers.

“Many thanks for your trust, we are really proud to have been part of this project. We supported our client at every stage – from design to installation – and this resulted in positive cooperation and satisfaction on both sides”

– recalls Maciej Lebioda, International Sales Representative who introduced the company to the French market.

Feel free to contact us regarding international cooperation: Maciej Lebioda, mobile +48 881 963 233, e-mail: [email protected]