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The Dysten company awarded in the United Kingdom

The British SME News magazine has announced the winners of the UK Transport Awards 2021. Dysten has been selected as the Best European Manufacturer of Variable Message Signs and Parking Displays.

According to British experts, the transport sector is fundamental to the economy. It exerts an influence on almost all areas of business and our daily lives. Regardless the endeavour of numerous companies to move their operations into the digital sphere, goods still need to get to factories and stores, and employees to their working place, and then back home. Not everything can be done online.

The UK Transport Awards are given for standing out from the competition, ingenuity of solutions and results of hard work. To select the winners, SME-News evaluated the past year’s performance of the companies, their adaptation during the Covid-19 pandemic, and customer satisfaction. For Dysten, to manufacture equipment based solely on customer needs and preferences is of particular significance.