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Dysten has made its entry into the French market by supplying passenger information displays to bus stations in Le Mans and Poitiers. These devices were specifically designed for BusInfo, a leading French company in urban transport support. The installation of RGB LED displays at Le

The concept of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) is becoming increasingly important in shaping the future of cities. The main reason for this trend is the need to counteract the effects of growing urbanization and increasing population. In cities where transportation is a source

DYSTEN Ltd. designs, manufacturers, delivers and installs displays for Dynamic Passenger Information Systems for railways and Smart Cities in LED, LCD TFT and e-paper technology. DYSTEN is a leader in implementation of non-standard hi-tech projects. The company has won awards: Best Railway Passenger Information Displays Manufacturer 2018,

Project title: „Promotion of the Dysten Company’s products on international markets by means of participation in an IT/ICT branch-oriented program.” Beneficiary: DYSTEN L.L.C. Project cost: PLN 371 900,00 European Funds’ share: PLN 278 925,00 Project goals: predominant goal of the project is to promote the products of the Dysten Company on