Passenger and city information – 2 in 1 solution

Dysten delivered 24 modern bus shelters with active passenger information to Szczecinek. Each of them is equipped with passenger information displayed in LED amber technology.

Travelers can track the departure time of buses in real-time. If the bus is delayed, the system automatically recalculates the departure time and informs the passengers about the current waiting time. What is more, the displays present the route number and its direction, and can also show additional messages, providing passengers with complete information.

Bus shelters with active passenger information are equipped with 47-inch LCD monitors. Residents and tourists can now access town-related announcements, which can be updated in real-time and displayed with colorful and detailed data due to LCD TFT technology.

In addition, the built-in brightness sensor allows the device to automatically adjust the brightness of the display based on the surrounding lighting conditions. This way, the information is easy to read both in full sun and at night.

Video surveillance as a safety measure at bus stops

The 360-degree cameras, which were installed at the bus stops, provide constant video surveillance and increase safety in this area. The system makes it possible to record the image in real-time and react quickly in case of incidents or if later analysis is needed. Video surveillance is an important factor in improving the sense of safety of passengers who use public transport.

Aesthetics and lightweight construction of the bus shelters

The design of bus shelters in Szczecinek combines not only functionality but also aesthetics and lightweight construction. The sheds have been built to blend harmoniously into the urban environment. Their modern look attracts attention, and the lightweight design makes them easy to assemble and carry.

Bus shelters with active passenger information and sustainable urban mobility

Modern cities are striving to create greener transport systems that contribute to improving the life quality of the residents. The design of bus shelters with active passenger information fits perfectly into the idea of sustainable urban mobility. This provides an incentive to use public transport, leading to a reduction in the number of private vehicles on the roads. As a result, public transport is becoming a more efficient and eco-friendly way of getting around, and urban space is becoming more pedestrian and cyclist friendly.

With the integration of modern technologies, aesthetic design, and functionality, such a solution is a perfect example of how innovations can support the goals of sustainable urban development.

Effects of the implementation

This is one of the projects in which Dysten, a winner of many technology awards – combined desirable but seemingly mutually exclusive elements:

  • comprehensive passenger and city information in one solution,
  • aesthetic and lightweight construction of the bus shelters,
  • reliable, durable, and refined LED technology with the highest product life-span,
  • LCD TFT technology to display colorful and highly detailed city information.

As a result of video surveillance installation, the safety of travelers increased, and the project turned out to be a successful and economical example for other regions.