GZM Metropolis has opened up a new Dynamic Passenger Information System for almost 7,000 stops. DPIS has been supplied by Dysten. 

DPIS Dynamic Passenger Information System - metropolis Portal pasażera System Dynamicznej Informacji Pasażerskiej

Each line and stop

All you need is just a web browser on your smartphone, computer or tablet in order to easily and quickly find a line number, connection or any of the nearly 7,000 stops and plan your journey. The iOS and Android apps will also be available soon.

SDIP System Dynamicznej Informacji Pasażerskiej - GZM Metropolia, wykonany przez Dysten

The Passenger website displays data in real time – which means that the arrival time of every bus, tram and trolleybus at each stop is precisely specified. Any factors that cause the delay (traffic jams, weather conditions) are automatically recalculated and the information is made available to commuters with proper correction.

SDIP System Dynamicznej Informacji Pasażerskiej - GZM Metropolia, wykonany przez Dysten

Modernization of the system after the pilot service

The current variant of the system was modified and expanded after the pilot service, which gave passengers a chance to influence the final version. As a result, the feature of keeping track of a vehicle and service number on the map was added, moreover, the operator ID and side number of a bus, tram or trolleybus were displayed.

The latest version of DPIS is very clear and allows you to get the most important information at a glance. It doesn’t require multiple clicks to reach key content. All you need to do is to select a stop from the map or enter it in the search engine, and you will automatically receive data about departures or information about traffic holdups.

DPIS boards

On the other side of the system devises dynamic passenger information boards are operated, installed by Dysten at stops. They display the same data about vehicle departures, delays and weather conditions, and thanks to TTS they can read the displayed content to the visually impaired.

SDIP DPIDS Dynamic Passenger Information Display System. LED amber passenger information board. High-resolution surveillance camera. Text-to-speech system. The extension of passenger information system for 460 bus and tram stops KZKGOP ZTM GZM Metropolis, Poland

One of the largest systems

The implemented solution combines in one system all current sources of information about 1500 buses, trams and trolleybuses, which are operated daily on the roads of the Upper Silesian and Zagłębie Metropolis. All of the nearly 30 million passengers a month have easy access to information – both tech-savvy and having no access to the Internet.


The Dynamic Passenger Information System and DPIS displays for the 460 stops of the GZM Metropolis constitute one of the largest implementations in Europe, covering 41 cities with a population of 2.3 million.

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