Tablice dynamicznej informacji pasażerskiej w CP Sośnicowice

In Sośnicowice, there is a transfer center that integrates bus, pedestrian, bicycle, and car transport. The hub is equipped with 5 dynamic passenger information boards, which were made and delivered by Dysten.

Dynamic Passenger Information Boards for travelers’ comfort

Double-sided dynamic passenger information boards made in LED AMBER technology present the real arrival time of each bus line based on data from vehicle locators. The boards are not only functional but also weather-resistant. Their aluminum case made with an IP54 rating protects against mechanical damage and harmful external conditions. It also supports the maintenance of proper operating conditions of the devices.

Tablice dynamicznej informacji pasażerskiej Sośnicowice
Tablice dynamicznej informacji pasażerskiej Dysten

Text-to-Speech function

All devices have a Text-to-Speech (TTS) function. It can be activated with a backlit button installed in the pole – after pressing the button, the information displayed on the screen is read out loud. This is an important feature, which allows visually impaired and blind passengers to access information on the boards more easily.

Tablice dynamicznej informacji pasażerskiej funkcja TTS
Tablice dynamicznej informacji pasażerskiej Sośnicowice

Automatic brightness control

The dynamic passenger information boards are equipped with an automatic brightness control function. The light intensity sensor adjusts the brightness of the displays to the external conditions. It allows for dimming the screen in the dark and increasing the brightness in strong light conditions (e.g. during sunny days). At night, the boards reduce brightness, preventing drivers from being blinded and minimizing energy consumption. It is an eco-friendly solution that also focuses on the comfort of passengers and their environment.

Tablica dynamicznej informacji pasażerskiej Dysten

Safety and clarity

The high-resolution surveillance system installed in every information board provides additional security, making it possible for the dispatcher to monitor the situation at each bus station. This is an important source of information in case of damage, accidents, and other possible incidents. The board is also equipped with protective glass with an anti-reflective coating, a special film blocking UV and infrared radiation, as well as a dimming feature for greater contrast and better clarity. In addition, tilting the displays towards the passengers makes the information very easy to read.

Wyświetlacz dynamicznej informacji pasażerskiej Dysten

Integration of transport in a small town

The Sośnicowice Transfer Center, adjacent to the economic activity zone, is a comprehensive solution that includes a 2-lane maneuvering area for 5 buses, 5 stops under the roof, as well as a Park & Ride for 29 cars. In addition, there are 2 parking zones for bicycles and a bicycle path.

Infrastructure for comfort

The central square is equipped with benches and rubbish bins, and the area is surrounded by pants. As a part of the facilities at the interchange, there is a ticket machine, a self-service bicycle repair station, as well as electronic information boards, and a surveillance system. The entire infrastructure promotes more frequent use of eco-friendly public transport.

Tablice dynamicznej informacji pasażerskiej Sośnicowice