Dynamic Passenger Information Boards in Gdańsk

DYSTEN has delivered 84 boards of dynamic passenger information system to bus and tram stops in Gdańsk. The devices were made on behalf of our partner – GMV. Gdańsk is systematically expanding and modernizing the passenger information system, eliminating traditional paper timetables in favor of electronic displays. Passengers can now see the exact waiting time for the arrival of the tram or bus.

Most of the supplied equipment was installed in new locations, which improved the availability of the information at the stops. The other boards have replaced the older models, ensuring readability of the presented messages and good visibility regardless of the prevailing weather and lighting conditions.

Scope of completed tasks

The scope of Dysten’s activities included the production and delivery of the following equipment:

  • 71 pieces of LED AMBER dynamic passenger information system boards, 5-line, double-sided, with a control unit
  • 10 pieces of LED AMBER dynamic passenger information system boards, 8-line, double-sided, with a control unit
  • 3 pieces of LED AMBER dynamic passenger information system boards, 5-line, single-sided, with a control unit

In addition, the devices were fully integrated with the new Passenger Information Application. As part of the project, the company also delivered all the necessary documentation and 84 poles enabling the installation of boards at the bus and tram stops.

Device functionality

Brightness adjustment – the option of independent light intensity allows you to adjust the brightness of the diodes. When one side of the board is exposed to sunlight and the other is in the shade, the diodes automatically adjust their brightness to the prevailing conditions, regardless of the device’s side. All messages are readable, and the function also facilitates energy saving.

TTS (Text-to-Speech) system – converting text to speech makes it possible to listen to the information in audio form while increasing the availability of the system for all passengers. Based on the customer’s wishes, the button has a green backlight.

Sensors – they are used for the opening of the casing flap, detecting shock, glass breakage, humidity, temperature, and an inactive diode. They allow for a quick response to failures and damage.

Backlit bus/tram stop name – the stop sign is visible regardless of the lighting conditions.

Fiber-optic and GSM communication – adaptation to both fiber-optic, and GSM communication ensures fast data transmission and constant connectivity.

Modernization of the Gdańsk Passenger Information System

The exchange and installation of the new passenger information displays is part of the long-term investment plan “Gdański Projekt Komunikacji Miejskiej” (GPKM), which is implemented by the Municipality of Gdańsk. The main objective of the project is to create and maintain an efficient and competitive public transport system, tailored to the needs of the residents, and all visitors.

It is not only a question of aesthetics or modernity, but ,it is also about improving the quality of commuting and creating a more friendly transport environment. An important aspect is access to accurate and up-to-date information on arrivals and departures of public transport vehicles.

The dynamic passenger information system boards provided by Dysten are installed in the following locations: Bajana, Bażyńskiego, Bora-Komorowskiego, Brama Wyżynna, Chałubińskiego, Ciasna, Cieszyńskiego, Cmentarz Łostowicki, Czermińskiego, Czerwony Dwór, Damroki, Dobrowolskiego, Dworska, Emaus, Galeria Bałtycka, Gospody, Gościnna, Harfowa, Hucisko, Jelitkowo, Kołobrzeska, Krynicka, Legionów, Miszewskiego, Nowa, Nowe Ogrody, Opera Bałtycka, Osiedle Wejhera, Piastowska, Piecewska, Piekarnicza, Plac Komorowskiego, Plac Solidarności, Platynowa, Płocka, Pomorska, Przemyska, Przymorze Wielkie, Rębowo, Sandomierska, Sikorskiego, Skrajna, Sopocka, Startowa, Strzyża PKM, Wagnera, Wilanowska, Wyczółkowskiego, Wyspiańskiego, Zakopiańska, Zaspa Szpital.


If you are implementing projects in the field of passenger information systems or need support for similar investments, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you choose the best solutions.