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The DYSTEN company manufactured and delivered 8 Real-time Passenger Information Displays for the Gdańsk Łostowice – Świętokrzyska interchange. The devices operate within the Tristar system.

ITS Tristar allows for automatic traffic control in Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot, combining passenger and parking information systems, variable message boards and other devices. The Gdańsk Łostowice – Świętokrzyska transfer center allows you to leave your car or bicycle in the spacious car park, traveling further by bus or tram.

Proven technology

The passenger information boards manufactured by DYSTEN use the proven Amber LED technology and provide information about departures and delays in real time. Each of them also has a built-in digital clock. The devices are integrated with the TRISTAR system, to which DYSTEN previously supplied 73 real-time passenger information displays.

Passenger information needed… on the beach

At the same time, the Dysten company provided a double-sided dynamic passenger information board to the final stop at the Gdańsk Stogi – Plaża tram terminus. The device is also plugged into the TRISTAR system.

Tri-City intelligent transport system

At the time when it was created, TRISTAR was one of the most advanced systems in the country (currently it is a system made by DYSTEN for the Metropolis GZM). As part of the project, the following were built and installed:

  • Traffic Management and Control Centers in Gdynia and Gdańsk,
  • over 130 km of teletechnical sewage system,
  • over 140 km of fiber optic cables,
  • over 2,200 light and sound street lights were modernized,
  • 26 variable message signs,
  • 47 signs and parking information boards,
  • 13 road weather stations,
  • 73 passenger information boards at stops (made by DYSTEN),
  • 22 passenger information terminals,
  • 745 on-board computers,
  • 79 surveillance cameras,
  • 58 ANPR cameras (automatic number plate recognition), including 23 devices with sectional speed measurement.