A new bus hub with a local passenger information system has been opened in Prudnik. Passengers have easier access to various bus lines, which increases mobility and facilitates efficient use of public transport.

Passenger Information Board I construction of the bus station in Prudnik

Optimal adjustment of RTPI devices for a small bus transfer center

The construction of the bus station in Prudnik is a perfect example of optimal adjustment of equipment to the characteristics of a relatively low budget facility. A small number of multi-line displays were used to provide complete and clear real-time passenger information. The devices were connected by a Local Passenger Information System, dedicated to such projects. One of the boards was installed outside the building, so that the information is visible from afar.

LED Passenger Information Display

A second collective display was placed in the station, for passengers waiting in the hall, for example during adverse weather conditions. An external information totem is a universal way to communicate with passengers. All data is displayed on a large LCD screen, and the appropriate backlight ensures full readability both day and night. Travelers can see current measurements of air quality, temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure.

LED Passenger Information Display I construction of the bus station in Prudnik

Passenger information displays are equipped with sensors, enabling remote monitoring and informing the dispatcher about mechanical failures, such as breaking glass, acts of vandalism or shocks. Three devices were enough to provide a full visual message about the actual time of departure of buses, possible delays and other important messages for passengers.

Customized solutions

The construction of the new bus station in Prudnik is an example of how a bus transfer center can be equipped:

  • Economically – a local passenger information system enables cost-effective deployment and maintenance of equipment, which is important for small cities, small bus transfer center or local transport authorities that often do not have a large budget.
  • With a small number of devices – multi-line solutions were used, instead of several individual displays. Placing in the key points of the facility provides easy and quick access for all passengers.
  • With a small passenger information system – a local passenger information system dedicated to small cities and is adapted to the needs of little bus stations, providing comprehensive solutions with fewer devices, which allows for more efficient use of space and costs.
Construction of the bus station in Prudnik

Local Passenger Information System dedicated to small bus stations and hubs

Prudnik, as a small city, approached the construction of the bus station in an economical way. It provided passengers with comfort in accessing real-time information through the Local Passenger Information System – Dysten’s proprietary solution dedicated to small towns, stations, transfer centers and local transport authorities. Software for managing and controlling data displayed on passenger information devices enables remote creation and editing of content and monitoring of information visible on displays. The advantage of the system is a simple and clear interface, facilitating work with the program. It creates a simple and functional software for the passenger information system, ideal for the needs of local public transport operators.

Components of the Local Passenger Information System for small cities and regional transport authorities

Dysten made and launched passenger information boards (integrated with the provided Local Passenger Information System) and an information totem. As part of the project, the following were manufactured, installed and put into operation:

  • Passenger Information Boards (external and internal) made in LED RGB technology,
  • LCD information totem with sensors,
  • Local Passenger Information System with server.

An investment awaited by residents

The construction of the bus station in Prudnik lasted a year and a half. All temporary stops of regional buses were liquidated and traffic was moved to the new station, allowing a change to a city bus. As part of the project, a large manoeuvring area and free parking were created near the station.

Four covered platforms await passengers and carriers, and the design of the building with a red brick facade reflects the characteristic urban style. The modern and functional building blends harmoniously with the neighboring court and prosecutor’s office. The investment provides greater travel comfort, improving the aesthetics of the surroundings in the city center. The construction of the interchange centre in Prudnik was co-financed from the Regional Operational Programme of the Opolskie Voivodeship.

Photos: Mikołaj Duraj Efective