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Dysten company provided 20 double-sided passenger information boards in LED technology for tram stops in Warsaw. Warsaw Trams are systematically increasing the number of stops with dynamic passenger information.

The displays  are installed at the following tram stops :

  • Dworkowa street,
  • Malczewski street,
  • Morskie Oko street,
  • Park Dreszera.

Quality, durability, aesthetics

Modern, aesthetic devices have corrosion-resistant housings. They are equipped with displays based on LED matrix with a raster of 4 mm and high luminance over 5000 candelas. The boards automatically change the brightness of the displayed content, adjusting it to the ambient light intensity thanks to the installed sensors. Passenger information displays are equipped with current time clocks and safety glass with anti-reflective coatings. They use Dysten-developed technologiy that reduce electricity consumption.

Facilities for passengers

There is the TTS (text to speech) system installed inside the poles of the information boards, activated by illuminated buttons, with additional Braille signage. After pressing a key, the system reads the timetables, delays, and other additional messages from the display.


  • real-time information about the actual arrivals of trams with the line number, time, possible delay, warnings issued by the transport organizer (e.g. weather alerts, messages),
  • high readability, regardless of the degree of sunlight, thanks to specially selected LEDs,
  • always up-to-date voice information, especially important for the blind or partially sighted,
  • corrosion resistance,
  • high mechanical resistance,
  • automatic limitation of matrix brightness at night, so as not to blind drivers.

Warsaw is a large metropolis that systematically improves the quality of public transport, the condition of the rolling stock, and the comfort of passengers. One of the elements of these changes is the implementation of real-time information systems that display the actual departure times of a bus or tram.

Passenger Information Displays provided by Dysten