DYSTEN has implemented a complete passenger information system for the Transfer Centre in Piła. The project included the production, delivery, installation and launch of boards customised to bus shelters and an information kiosk. In addition, the company provided the Local Information System – a software solution for managing and controlling data displayed on passenger information boards.

Scope of work

The facility is equipped with the following devices:

  • nine single-sided LED boards installed in bus shelters,
  • two single-sided LCD boards with multimedia functions installed in bus shelters,
  • one information kiosk.

The devices have been integrated with the delivered Local Information System based on the GSM communication module. The software facilitates the automatic processing and display of passenger-oriented information, allowing the dispatcher to adjust when necessary (manually). The system boasts various functionalities, including remote schedule creation, content editing and real-time monitoring of data displayed on screens. Its user-friendly and intuitive interface sets this system apart, making it much easier to use the program.

CP Piła Informacja Pasażerska DYSTEN

Comprehensive passenger information

The applied solutions provide a wide range of messages. LED displays up-to-date information on timetables, line numbers, estimated arrival times (ETA) for vehicles to arrive and possible changes to routes or service hours.

LCD boards, integrated into bus shelters, have the capability to display a variety of multimedia content, such as graphics, photos or videos. The information kiosk displays aggregated data for travellers from the Local Information System.

CP Piła - Kompleksowa Informacja Pasażerska DYSTEN

Functionality in all conditions

The installed devices feature an automatic brightness adjustment function. These devices adapt their brightness to changing conditions thanks to a light intensity sensor. They can dim in low light conditions and increase light intensity in bright sunlight. This user-friendly and eco-conscious solution effectively reduces energy consumption.

The information displayed on the boards remains legible even at a wide viewing angle, which is conducive to users’ comfort. In addition, the protective glass has been equipped with an anti-reflective coating, improving information visibility.

Centrum Przesiadkowe Piła

Infrastructure to improve travel

The Transfer Centre in Piła, located at Zygmunta Starego Street, is a strategic hub for integrating various transportation modes – urban, suburban, national and international. With amenities such as covered bicycle storage and a convenient connection with the railway station. This infrastructure fosters seamless transfers and offers travellers convenient transportation options.

The transfer centre boasts parking stands for 10 buses and 25 car parking spaces, including dedicated areas for people with limited mobility.  To enhance passengers’ experience in varying weather conditions, heated shelters have been provided, ensuring comfortable waiting areas for those awaiting their connections.  Each bus shelter has been equipped with a passenger information board and a sound system that allows the timetable to be read.

CP Piła - System Informacji Lokalnej DYSTEN

Barrier-free transfers

The Transfer Centre in Piła was built without architectural barriers. Stairs have been completely eliminated, and a unique navigation cube for the visually impaired has been placed throughout the area, which ensures safe movement throughout the premises.

The “kiss & go” car park allows quick stops to drop off or pick up passengers. This organisation promotes smooth traffic flow and continuous vehicle rotation.

Supporting urban mobility

The investment not only improves the quality of public transport but also aligns with the city’s long-term goals of sustainable development. The project is part of the initiative called “Supporting low-emission economy by improving urban mobility in Piła”, which was financed with the support of funds from the Regional Operational Programme for Wielkopolskie Voivodeship for 2014-2020 (WRPO 2014+).

Are you considering similar projects? We would be delighted to offer our assistance in manufacturing, delivering, and installing dynamic passenger information devices. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the best solutions.