The Melbourne tram depot has been equipped with TFT LCD displays supplied by DYSTEN. They are part of the internal information system for tram drivers and technical personnel.

Dysten company made Variable Message Signs for Gliwice city, Poland. International roads, express ways, and motorways intersect here. There are dozens of factories in the economic zone. Car traffic is very heavy, which is compounded by the pattern of the city, dating back many centuries.

Gliwice is one of the largest cities in Silesia, where about 200,000 inhabitants live. A large cultural, scientific and technical centre and the seat of universities. A city on the outskirts of which a large industrial zone is developed. It means a lot of people

The TRISTAR Integrated Traffic Management System, which also includes DYSTEN dynamic passenger information boards, is now one of the most modern system of this kind realized in Poland. This system is characterized by great organization and consistency. It also allows automatic management of traffic in